Why would you pay for professional photographs?

For many businesses images contribute toward the overall marketing message for a product or service. Professional images represent the Visual Communication aspect of marketing. Why is visual communication important? According to the American Marketing Association:

  1. Images are memorable while messages are forgettable. An image increases a message’s memorability.

  2. Images are emotional, influential and persuasive.

  3. The human brain is wired to process images quickly.

  4. People look for patterns in their environment to make sense of their surroundings, to help make choices, to understand concepts and to achieve knowledge.

  5. Visuals simplify communication and can reach a wider global audience. Images cross language barriers.

  6. Images can reflect the uniqueness of a product or service.

  7. Images make the invisible visible by creating a visual representation of an intangible service or object.

  8. Visual communication has the potential to build a brand’s image, identity and equity.

  9. Images are processed faster by the brain than text—up to 60,000 times faster.

  10. The consumer has an abundance of choice and as such products and services need to differentiate themselves to stand out in a sea of choices. Visual communication contributes to distinguishing the product or service and helps in creating an emotional connection between the consumer and a brand.

​​Given the importance of visual communication, professional photography underpins that visual messaging. If the image is good then so to is the customer experience. If the image is bad then customers may move on! The job of the professional photographer is to visualize and capture products and services in the best possible way, and to represent them accurately and in a way potential customers would find enticing and want to know more. This will often involve the use of professional photography equipment and lighting as well as experience and knowledge relating to photographing the subject matter.

What you invest or don't invest in your visual communication messaging and marketing may have a very real effect on the messages potential customers are getting from you.

Take these before and after images of an events venue, reliant on commercial lets of its rooms and halls for functions, sports & fitness classes, clubs and gatherings. It makes good business sense to weigh-up the value of increased lets resulting from good professional photos of the core service offering against the relatively minor cost of professional images.

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